Simple design that creates a subconscious sense of flow and balance within the space

Architects: Robson Rak Architects
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2013
Area: 1.614 ft²/ 150 m²
Photo courtesy: Shannon McGrath

“The conceptual framework of this project was to transform the clients small dark single fronted Victorian home into an elegant, refined, light filled interior with a large open plan kitchen / living area and adjoining courtyard.

The overall design was kept simple, responding to the modern inner urge to pare back and slow down. With simplicity, each design detail was considered with great precision and needed to be executed beautifully.

Details were often subtle, creating a subconscious sense of flow and balance within the space. Working with a simple palate of finishes also gave this small home a sense of coherence.

These materials all had an honest raw quality about them, allowing them to age gracefully and acquire their own patina over time.”