4 Alternative Materials to Use For Bathroom Design

4 Alternative Materials to Use For Bathroom Design


When it comes to the bathroom, interior design is hugely important and the materials that are used need to be considered for aesthetics and not just practical reasons. Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common homeowner improvements and material selection is crucial – with this in mind, read on for four alternative materials for bathroom interior design that could transform any bathroom.


1. Acrylic Panels

Acrylic is not usually the first material to spring to mind when remodelling or building a bathroom, but it is actually the perfect material and this is for a few reasons. Acrylic panels can provide a smooth, seamless look that is so popular in modern interior design right now and it is also non-porous and has less chance of water damage. Acrylic is also durable, easy to install and hardwearing so it is certainly worth considering.


2. Marble

For those looking for an elegant, upscale and luxurious bathroom it is hard to look past marble. Marble is synonymous with class and sophistication but it is also ideal for a bathroom as it is hardwearing, easily polished and adds value.

While it can be a good option, it is important to be aware that it is expensive, it can be porous and it scratches easily. Tile is considered to be a good alternative to marble but it is vital that professional tradespeople are using quality building materials, including a high-quality tile adhesive to join the tiles.


3. Stainless Steel

The industrial interior design style is popular right now and can certainly work well in the bathroom with materials like brick, timber and stainless steel used to create the look. Stainless steel has a modern look, it is hardwearing and a material that can be cut into any size or shape. The key is to make sure that all seams are caulked with silicone to prevent leaking and mould growth.


4. Stone Resin

Stone resin is emerging as a popular bathroom material and it is easy to see as it features the benefits of both stone and acrylic. Stone resin is an ideal bathroom material because it is strong and durable, water-tight, hard to scratch and easy to install.

Stone resin also has a sleek, high-end finish and you can even opt for a rough finish to imitate natural stone (or any other material).

This post should give you a few ideas for materials to use for a bathroom remodelling that will provide both a practical and stylish bathroom. You need to think carefully when it comes to bathroom design as you will want something that looks good, does not leak water, is easy to maintain and hardwearing so that it will last you a long time and these are all materials that can do the job.

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