Outstanding Wall Mural Design Ideas for 2020

Outstanding Wall Mural Design Ideas for 2020

If you want to make a home out of your house, the first thing you should do is to breathe your personality into the available space. Whether it is the design or the color choice, your inner-self has to be manifested into every cranny and nook of the home. There are different ways you can decorate your blank wall. Some people prefer wall spaces that are just painted while others fancy adding a variety of art to compliment the paint.

Whatever your choice is, make sure that you settle for something that matches your tastes and preferences and gives you a homey experience. Wall murals are a perfect alternative to wall paintings and wallpapers. It is hassle-free to bring out all the appeal and charm of your home with wall murals. However, you will need to get the design correct from the onset. This article provides a brief overview of some wall mural designs to set you off.

5 Wall Mural Design Ideas to Spruce a Modern Space

  1. Flora and Fauna

An accent wall art featuring flora and fauna is a significant choice where you are looking to throw in a bit of greenery element to your home or if opting for an unconventional ambiance. Such a combination is perfect when used at the end of a hallway as a backdrop to one of your bathrooms.

You do not have to worry about the wall mural stealing the show especially where you already have an existing design. The best way to ensure that the wall mural design stands out without compromising your home’s design is to ensure that it has enough color that blends into the existing design and color well.

Outstanding Wall Mural Design Ideas for 2020

  1. Wooden Paneling Mural with Vintage Floral Patterns

Embedding a floral print into a wooden wall mural gives it a stylish appearance. If you have a bohemian bedroom, then this will be a perfect design. It can also blend well in a living room with an old-fashioned vintage style. Additionally, if you are looking for a perfect fitting for your rustic farmhouse, the mural the soft pastel floral pattern will give your dining area some life.

Literally, you can use this mural wall on a variety of rooms. This floral pattern gives the mural a trendy look that makes it outstanding on diverse spaces. The secret is in the ability to bring a touch of the past into a modern design. The wall mural adds a vintage feel to achieves this design. Adopt this wall mural to convert your rather shabby space into a modern look.

  1. A Mixture of Clouds and Birds in a Wall Art

Mixing a few black birds in flight with a line of water clouds makes a classic design for a wall mural. You can give the design an additional element by adding a few black stripes at the lower part of the art. Such an addition completes the entire representation giving it a unifying impression. The presence of watercolor clouds makes the mural ideal as a background in an entryway space, spare bedroom, or even for a den.

The expert mix of colors, patterns, and choice of design elements is appealing to both women and men. The neutral color scheme is ideal for placement in any space with the house. This wall mural design will give you a perfect idea to boost your house’s décor effortlessly.

  1. Mountainous Landscape Wall Mural 

Nature always creates a stunning appearance when combined in any art. A wall mural made of a series of mountains overlooking a waterbody is a perfect way to add life to a drab space.  Presented in a manner that one has to look across the water body into the mountain series, such a design captures the needed attention. Adopt a monochromatic design so that the art does not overpower the existing color scheme.

You can take the idea a notch higher by adding a distressed leather chair or a rustic wooden headboard. With this design outlook, you are free to add a few decorations within the space and still achieve the comfort you need.

  1. World Map in a Black Background Wall Mural 

If you are a regular traveler, you can give life your living or bedroom space by adding a wall mural that features the world map in a black background. It is a great way to track your traveling adventures while lightening up your house.

Such a décor would be perfect in your home office or in a common area within your house. It would give you a platform to take your guests through a few of your most favorable destinations. You will be surprised at how it will be easy to start a conversation around the map with anyone how visits you.

Own Your Space with a Unique Wall Mural Today

If you have been looking for a better alternative to wallpapers – something that isn’t as frustrating and exhausting to install and remove, then you would be relieved to find how simple it is to give your house a homey look with wall murals. At times it can be challenging to create designs that would be appropriate for your space. Nevertheless, you can find great wall mural design ideas at Head over there now to get a wall mural that matches your tastes and preferences!

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