7 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

7 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Do you not have the biggest budget but want to refresh your living space with a new feel? One way you can do this is with wall decor. It can easily be changed with the season, or just when you feel like something new.

Need some ideas about what to choose for wall decor? We’re going to give you our suggestions.

7 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Commission a Painting

Do you have an idea of an image you want to put on your wall, but can’t find it in any store you shop in? You can commission a painter to create precisely what you’re looking for. If you don’t know an artist personally, you can search for them online on sites such as Instapainting.

On these sites, you can look through hundreds of artists to see their previous work. You can choose from oil paints, watercolor, mixed media, charcoal, and more. Once you find the artist with the style you’d love to have on your wall, you can talk to them directly.

Add a Large Piece

A large painting demands attention. It will create a focal point for the room and can dominate the entire area if that’s what you want. If you prefer a calm space, go for a nature view. If you want the room exciting and filled with energy, look for a painting with vibrant colors.

When you live in the city or don’t have a lot of nature around, this is a great way to bring it right into your home. Large nature scenes will feel like windows, and you can easily imagine yourself at the beach or tucked away in the woods.

Create a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a mix of different images with a variety of sizes. Instead of having one focal piece, you have several smaller ones that fill up the space. It’s fun to experiment with various frames and styles to create an area with movement and character.

It can be a collection of photographs, paintings, canvases, or abstract things. The more unique the pieces are, the more interesting the wall becomes. If you’re worried this will shrink the room, extend the gallery wall to the ceiling because it will create the illusion of a larger space.

Have an Accent Wall

Wall decor doesn’t always have to be pieces you hang up. Without going out to buy a new painting or image, you can refresh a space by simply creating an accent wall.

Choose a fun pattern wallpaper; you’d never dare to coat the whole room in or choose a bright color paint that matches some of your existing decorations. This is a more permanent change, but if the accent wall is small, it will be easy to paint over when you want something new.

Hang Mirrors

When you want a room to appear larger than it is, adding a big mirror can do the trick. There are mirrors with impressive frames that will add drama to a space. More light will reflect in, and you’ll notice the room completely opens up.

Add Texture to the Walls

Look around for a unique tapestry or weaving to add texture to the wall. The three dimensions aspect of these will create depth in the space.

Having more fabrics around can warm the area. This is especially useful when you don’t have too much furniture. If you’re feeling up to it, you can create your own weavings with patterns and texture you like.

Doing it DIY will save you money, and it creates a conversation piece when you are hosting.

Display a Map

We all have this innate desire to travel and to see new places. An interesting map can create a striking piece for the wall. Some look fashionably old and then others that have a more modern twist.

There are maps made from butterflies, patterns, flowers, or bright colors. Then, others have old ship routes and how the tides change. A map can provide a modern or an ancient feel to a room, depending on your choice.

The Bottom Line

Wall decor is where you can be adventurous. It can completely refresh a space with an updated feel. Whether it’s painting, weaving, wallpaper, mirrors, or maps, adding new items completely changes your room.

The best thing is that when you’re ready for something new, it’s easy to replace it with whatever inspires you next.

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