Wallpaper Trends for a Modern Home

If you are interested in interior design and the new trends, you surely read several articles about what 2020 wallpaper trends will bring to the table and how to mix and match the new patterns. The good news about wallpapers is that they are always in trend, in a way or another. They have this versatility which helps them adapt and grow in trend year after year. We’ve selected several key aspects that suffer changes during the new year and we hope we’ll get you inspired.

Boring themes are out of fashion. Their place is taken by bold maximalism. 2020 is the year of those who are not afraid to take chances, who want to make bold statements when it comes to decor.


Colors such as cool greys and cold blues will lose their place to warm and inviting colors, such as corals, terracottas, sage greens and warm greys. Colors such as browns, mustards, golds and certain red tones will also be the stars of the new year. Let’s not forget about the color of the year announced by Pantone: classic blue.

Chintzy Wallpaper

Do you remember your grandma’s chintz styled wallpaper? It is back in style, but don’t worry, it looks better, more colorful and sophisticated. The chintz style that features bold florals climbing your walls like a slat of lattice will be on-trend in 2020.  This is a vintage idea done in an eye-capturing and modern way.

Sustainability once again

Merging nature and humanity are the focus of the new year, in an effort to become part of a more sustainable world. This means bringing nature closer to us, embrace it in our homes. How can we do that? By including tropical or botanical themed wallpapers in our houses. This way you will feel more connected to nature and it will make you realize you’re part of a bigger picture. Mix these tropical themed wallpapers with furniture and decorations in neutral tones.

3D Wallpaper

3 Dimensional wallpaper is edgy and bold, providing a sense of realism and texture to your interior. It’s the perfect match for a contemporary space. The 3D effect can be represented by realistic bricks, a wooden wallpaper or geometric designs that do their tricks on the eyes, creating an eye twisting effect.

Industrial Wallpapers

Metal-like designs are contemporary, bold but unpretentious and they take the industrial wallpaper’s theme to a whole new level. Metal wallpaper is perfect for those that like to be creative and take risks. You can create a luxurious metal look in a warming colorway that goes from gold to marbled teals.

Art-Deco Wallpaper

As we said before, wallpaper was never out of style. Do you remember the retro-themed wallpaper of the ’20s? Now you get the chance to use it in your home under a different, more modern look represented by its sibling, Art Deco. This style is luxurious and fun and it combines warm colors resulting in a style that is glamorous, but comforting.

Which style would you rather choose for your wallpaper? Are you edgy and bold or do you prefer to stick to classier choices?

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