St-Zotique Residence by NatureHumaine

St-Zotique Residence by NatureHumaine

Architects: NatureHumaine
Location: St-Zotique street, Montréal, Canada
Year: 2012
Area: 11,000 sqft
Photo credit: Adrien Williams

Worried with structural quality, we were procured in the trusts of developing a multi-unit private building that would stand gladly on the square. Arranged in the noteworthy mechanical area of Marconi, the undertaking contains 10 units spread more than 3 stories, delegated by 4 mezzanines isolated by a system of green rooftops.

st-zotique_01 The 11 000 sqft undertaking comprises in 2 volumes of units split by an inside center of vertical course. The road side façades are explained with 3 flat layers; chocolate-chestnut block at road level, dotted sand-shaded block covering the second and third stories, and a cladding of torrefied wood supports at the top. The irregular play of substantial windows and galleries, give the building a dynamic vibe.

st-zotique_02 st-zotique_03 st-zotique_04 st-zotique_05 st-zotique_06 st-zotique_07 st-zotique_08 st-zotique_09 st-zotique_10 st-zotique_axoplans

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