Elamang Avenue House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Elamang Avenue House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Architects: Luigi Rosselli Architects
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Photos: Justin Alexander

What makes a house agreeable? Is it the level of cushioning in the love seats or the climatic and physical solace that structural planning, incorporated with nature, permits? Elamang is a house that endeavored the most abnormal amount of “solace” as depicted above, whilst delivering the littlest natural effect.


A smashed earth divider spine is the aloof warm framework created in this house to give insurance from climatic extremes. The spine connects all levels of the long going harping on its south side.


The plan additionally intended to transform the current staying into a more contemporary house and to connection it to another carport structure on Elamang Avenue. The house’s outline utilizes the old’s explanation foot shaped impression, the increases and the carport volumes to frame three arranged patios and gardens.Photovoltaics produce a homes’ lot vitality, as does a sun oriented heated water establishment. The house’s guts contain 14300 liters of water tanks and, much like a camel it can survive warmth and dry spell with negligible water and vitality utilization.


The undertaking succeeded as a testing ground for our intend to join a high caliber of private outline with an abnormal state of ecological supportability.

Elamang-Avenue-Residence-04-1 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-04-2 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-04 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-12 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-21 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-22 Elamang-Avenue-Residence-23

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