Terrace2 by Galeazzo Design

Terrace2 by Galeazzo Design

Architects: Galeazzo Design
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 88 sqm
Photo courtesy: Lufe Gomes

With 88m2 the space has a considerable measure of hues and its motivation originates from the east’s intersection (situate) and west (occident) societies, in a contempora-ry manner. With the fragmented painting on the dividers and rooftop, the architect intends to breake the spot sufficiency in a strong and contemptuous way, that reminds the origami’s collapsing.


Bamboo furniture, veneer and hardwood, tradicional references to China stream over the cutting edge bamboo floor and stand out from the unrestrained wallpa-per printed with adapted brilliant mythical serpents.


Critical occident pieces satisfy the encompassing, for example, the precious stone chande-lier from the tradicional French brand Saint Luis, the 1950’s divider light from Ser-ge Mouille, a roundabout molded rack and a gigantic unpleasant cloth sofá set before a major chimney made of outlandish rock

FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-3 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-4 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-5 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-6 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-7 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-8 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-9 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-10 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-11 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-12 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-14 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-15 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-16 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country-17 FabioGaleazzo-Beach&Country

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