El Bosque House by Ramon Esteve

El Bosque House by Ramon Esteve

Architects: Ramon Esteve
Location: Valencia, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 6,544 ft²/ 608 m²
Photo courtesy: Mariela Apollonio

The House in the Forest is settled in a broad neighbourhood. A huge pine timberland on the plot itself is the nearest surroundings of the house. On the premise of four stone dividers, we create kaleidoscopic volumes that piece the space, distinguishing every room. The interstitial range between the parts is secured by a component of wood, which goes about as a merchant and connector between the spaces of the house.


Some kaleidoscopic volumes turn out from the four stone sidewalls, hence encasing the space and separating every room. The region between the rooms is secured by a timber rooftop going about as a corridor and a connector.


The point of the venture is the making of various open air territories connected to the inside rooms, as per their level of security. Every room has an alternate stature in capacity of their utilization in the creating plant, aside from the volume of the rooms. With This set-up a cross-molded arrangement that masterminds the outer space is created.


Two extensive stone dividers ensure the entrance. While the guest comes in, the space turns out to be more penetrable, permitting looks to the greenery enclosure with the pool through the cross section of the kitchen yard.


A deck of wooden boards gathers the passageway to the house, giving the lobby an exceptionally human scale. The materials, together with the raking lights through the longitudinal sky facing window delivers a warm and comfortable atmosphere.
The wooden volumes go about as merchant and connector of the diverse rooms, while open to every single outside space. The other two volumes have the fundamental room, two rooms on the lower floor and a studio on the upper floor. The ceaseless yards protract the rooms, by making outside ranges that open and broaden the rooms.


The stone work dividers are consolidated with the carpentry of afrormosia wood to make a private and charming air. Some weathering steel cross sections, working as shades on windows and yards, finish the materials’ palette. The shallow pool of water inspires a lake that is reflected in the lodging and part of the vegetation.


The feasting tables and the grill table have been particularly intended for this house, replicating the plan and reasoning of the house in sythesis of the legs. The inside outline depends on the ideas of effortlessness, respectable materials, shades of agreement and a liquid visual association with the outside nature.

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