Tranquility Beach House by Wolveridge Architects

Tranquility Beach House by Wolveridge Architects

Architects: Wolveridge Architects
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

On the back site of a sub-division in Melbourne’s Portsea, this family home gives broad perspectives of a close-by green that are deliberately coordinated to give a feeling of segregation from the neighbours, regardless of the broad coating.


The brief was for a 4 room family home with a solid association with the outside living spaces which including a pool, tennis court and open air kitchen/eating zone. The greenery enclosure suite gives a space to child’s exercises, vast family capacities and serves as a visitor suite. Living spaces are liberal keeping in mind the end goal to urge a mutual way to deal with living as opposed to a large number of individual spaces. The arbor furnishes the visitor with their own particular feeling of disengagement and will in the end give cover when the vegetation develops.


The entry to a shoreline house is regularly met with incredible energy for the weekend-guest and it was the expectation to give this reckoning to the customer who utilizes the home as their essential abiding. To accomplish this, the long garage that was the aftereffect of the subdivision was utilized with an intense portal toward the end that partitions the working into two fundamental structures. A since a long time ago smashed earth divider isolates the working into two structures every side of the section and makes a feeling of entry whether via auto or by foot.


Formally, the single story box frames the expert wing with the cladding mirroring its horizontality, whilst the huge two-story box has the living spaces and rooms above and is clad vertically. The cantilevered overhang gives climate security to a scope of outside exercises beneath and a liberal space to appreciate sees from the rooms above. The effortlessness of the structures was further highlighted by the dedication of the temporary worker to completely comprehend the idea driving the documentation and encourage the acknowledgment of the task as per the building points of interest.


PC produced sun-studies were utilized to position timber screens to the overhang to give sun based insurance from evening sun and give security from neighboring homes. The designer joined the screens into the basic configuration to add solidness to the cantilevered structure.


The power of the outside materials were proceeded with inside with an exceptionally textured and hearty palette that reverberates with the costal area and the broad indigenous costal vegetation.

Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-06 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-07 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-08 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-09 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-10 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-11 Tranquility-Beach-House-by-Wolveridge-Architects-12

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