Cedar House by Mariusz Wrzeszcz Office

Cedar House by Mariusz Wrzeszcz Office

Architects: Mariusz Wrzeszcz Office
Location: Poznań, Poland
Year: 2013
Area: 1,787 sqft / 166 sqm
Photo courtesy: Przemysław Turlej

Situated in a calm, housing neighbourhood of Poznan, Poland. This disconnected house is based on a base of wooden casing structure. The inside and outside secured with cedar wood.


It was composed on a solitary level to make the house effectively available for a solitary proprietor. With no stairs it makes a consistent association with the patio and garden. Extensive coating give a lot of daylight underlining the smooth move between within and outside.


The front side of the building has a straightforward, reduced and shut exterior. The patio nursery exterior is open and mixing with the nature. The house is loaded with peace, quietness and interior equalization.

Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-03 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-04 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-05 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-06 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-07 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-08 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-09 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-10 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-11 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-12 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-13 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-14 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-15 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-16 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-17 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-18 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-19 Cedar-House-by-Mariusz-Wrzeszcz-Office-20

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