House in the Dunes by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

House in the Dunes by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Architects: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects
Location: Amagansett, New York, USA
Year: 2015
Area: 4,092 sqft / 380 sqm
Photo courtesy: Matthew Carbone

The house is arranged in a naturally touchy region with a delicate hill scape. The sea dwells inside of strolling separation and turns out to be outwardly clear on the second floor and rooftop deck. With the sea comes the unforgiving salt air.


The house displays a stoic exterior to the road, expanding it’s facade with climate safe concrete board boards, which will have the capacity to withstand the sand and salt without maturing or losing it’s allure. Once inside it is clear that the rear is threading it’s way through the ridge in order to not bother it. The subsequent volume truly embraces the rise while giving protection and a play of indoor and open air space in the meantime.


Every level offers an alternate affair, with the lower level concentrating on settling into the rise. The following level up takes into consideration the breadth of the open perspectives and adequate chance to connect with the outside on decks. The rooftop offers a tenable deck that not just gives review of the immense territory of the sea past, additionally a green rooftop and a spot for the sun powered boards that produce vitality for the house. Sun powered screens are utilized in both vertical and flat setup to keep the vitality utilization of the house down.

House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-03 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-04 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-05 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-06 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-07 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-08 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-09 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-10 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-11 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-12 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-13 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-14 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-15 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-16 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-17 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-18 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-19 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-20 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-21 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-22 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-23 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-24 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-25 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-26 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-27 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-28 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-29 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-30 House-in-the-Dunes-by-Stelle-Lomont-Rouhani-Architects-31

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