Modern fully white apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov

Modern fully white apartment in Moscow by Shamsudin Kerimov

Architects: Shamsudin Kerimov
Location: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2015
Area: 1.400 sqft / 130 sqm
Photo courtesy: Shamsudin Kerimov

This apartment has a total area of 130m2. The modern apartment is made at the request of clients in a completely white design. The atmosphere of the apartment is very warm and cozy. The walls are a double function, beside the fact that they are ordinary walls they are also bookshelf and other storage shelfs. To get the master bedroom, you have to pass through a large dressing room. The bedroom has its own bathroom. Two children also have their own walk-in closets.

Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-01 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-02 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-03 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-04 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-05 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-06 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-07 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-08 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-09 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-10 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-11 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-12 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-13 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-14 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-15 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-16 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-17 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-18 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-19 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-20 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-21 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-22 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-23 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-24 Modern-fully-white-apartment-in-Moscow-by-Shamsudin-Kerimov-25

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