Fig Tree Pocket House 2 by Shane Plazibat Architects

Fig Tree Pocket House 2 by Shane Plazibat Architects

Architects: Shane Plazibat Architects
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2012
Area: 21.528 sqft / 2.000 sqm
Photo courtesy: Christopher Frederick Jones

The brief for the Fig Tree Pocket house asked for a present day 2 story family home, to be based on an inclining north-bound bushland site, with easement path access.


The house is sorted out into 2 zones in area, garage, entry and resting upstairs and living, pool and patio ground floor. An inside 2 story straight bamboo garden crossing the length of the house along the east-west hub makes a reference point inside of the arrangement. The patio nursery additionally takes into consideration the production of 1 room profound anticipating both levels to upgrade cross ventilation and access to sunlight.


On the upper level, landing is by means of a semi encased passage garden which is neighboring the 3 auto garage. Each of the 3 rooms on the upper level face due north. On pivot with the passage is the primary course stair with a 2 story void which seperates the rooms from the childrens play room.


On the lower level a different single story kitchen structure with contiguous open air porch reaches out to shape the western edge of the patio. Timber entryways slide over into cavities to obscure the edge in the middle of kitchen and garden. A wash room and think about niche are found specifically nearby the kitchen for straightforward entry and supervision. The pool is sorted out toward the eastern edge of the arrangement which adds to the spatial nook of the court.


The living/lounge areas, separate from the kitchen, are situated as an augmentation of the yard in arrangement, with the space proceeding through to the inward bamboo garden. Timber sliding entryways either side of the living/lounge area slide away to take into account increased engagement with the greenery enclosure/court to happen. A conservative family room is situated behind the parlor. The yard on the lower level makes a spot and space for family occasions to happen with direct survey and collaboration accessible from the living/lounge area, kitchen and pool. The raised patio tending to the court takes into account a nonstop seat for tenants and guests to watch the scene setting.


The house is secured into the incline of the area in segment. This routine of utilizing earth against building dividers for outer warm mass diminishes heat misfortune in winter and keeps up a consistent cool indoor air temperature to the lower level amid summer. This configuration highlight decreases the requirement for additional mechanical cooling or warming. The cutting in of the house into the slant likewise adds to the scene way of the home.


The shade of the upper level room “box” is situated to take into consideration the dark slate tiles on the front room piece to warm up amid winter with the diurnal slack discharging the encapsulated heat in the section amid the night. In summer the chunk is shaded. The inside 2 story plant likewise encourages improved cross ventilation by means of northerly easily finishes the family room. As a result it acts like a smokestack, drawing air through the room.

Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-07 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-08 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-09 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-10 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-11 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-12 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-13 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-14 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-15 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-16 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-17 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-18 Fig-Tree-Pocket-House-2-by-Shane-Plazibat-Architects-19

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