Garden House by David Guerra Architecture and Interior

Garden House by David Guerra Architecture and Interior

Architects: David Guerra Architecture and Interior
Location: Brazil
Photos: David Guerra Architecture And Interior

The chief of an organization, with the head office in London picks a house in the 80’s decade, anticipated by a major engineer, to change it into your home in Brazil.


The workplace was enlisted to make a reproduction and insides venture. One of the principle wishes was to make the inside/outside incorporation greater, making the patio nursery take an interest in the step by step of the house, conveying all the more light to the rooms that used to be excessively dim.


Another imperative point was to make this house more current, giving new spaces and better approach to utilize them, perfect with another way of life and another epoque of new occupants. Coordinate spaces, decimate dividers, change entryways, windows and join insurance covering, substitute items, recover structures, new electric, new water powered, new enlightenment, an atelier, a wine basement, gourmet kitchen, lavatory, sauna, deck and pool. The reproduction was colossal.


Every one of the bathrooms, kitchen and administration clear covering, giving an inverse thought of the wood in the structures. Just in the gourmet kitchen the sand tone was picked, with the utilization of the obliteration wood, artistic Brennand, and stone capão bonito, improved by the closeness from the green in the greenhouse.


The thought of the house is to present itself constantly opened for companions, in this way, the modeler found in the inside configuration the expectation do dialog these coordinated and comfortable spaces, giving daintiness, welcome and meeting, notwithstanding host a few individual items, got by the proprietors and stacked with a memory esteem. Regular trademark, nonpartisan and crude tones give comfort.


Furniture with the base far off from the floor, that goes from the stick feet and rockers, and acrylic seats have the aim to make the spaces greater, light and liquid. The blend of styles, which goes from the 50’s, go by the classics, ethnics, peers, are augmented with Brazilian references. The covering of white tile utilized as a part of the kitchen, feasting, bathrooms and administration territory has the capacity to give comfort and, in the meantime, light up the house, once the structure, floor and roof were made of wood.


The predominant windows in wood shades offered space to huge blindex openings and another glass scope shows up, in the focal point of the chimney, conveying light to the house. In the enlightenment, there was a worry of lighting up well the rooms, keeping this comfort climate. The galleries and the decks got greater to make climate without meddling the stream. The old bar and wash room are incorporated to the TV room, when the coordinated feasting, without dividers, to the kitchen and lounge area. The little storage rooms were changed in closet, extending the bathrooms.

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