Villa Topoject by AND

Villa Topoject by AND

Architects: AND (Architecture of Novel Differentiation )
Location: Gyeonggido, Korea
Year: 2010
Photos: Byun Jong Suk

The house is situated in a little valley in a bumpy range close Seoul, Korea. While the valley inclines upward, arrangement of houses irregularly keep confronting a 3 meter wide street. Rather than making dividers or wall towards the street, the house delicately lifts up the geography to frame private spaces inside.

villa-topoject-01The house opens up toward the south view and a little brook running at the edge.



It is a home for a couple who needs to appreciate country life while as yet driving to the city. It is a little house, yet in the meantime, a house that involves rich stories. The inhabitants are in contact with area like ranchers; likewise, they watch nature like sightseers.


Step by step lifted scene of the sloping geography turns into a drifting mass over a little stream. Manor Topoject rejects the dichotomy of article building versus scene building. It is a mutant conceived as a half and half of the two sorts, and it concentrates on the change procedure between the two typologies.


The limit of the site is pulled in as the geology turns into an item, making semi private open air spaces. The private living spaces are framed inside. The ceaseless outside spaces meet the inside spaces at all levels including reduced, yet rich spatial qualities. The limit in the middle of outside and inside, area and building, subject and protest gets to be uncertain.

villa-topoject-05 villa-topoject-06 villa-topoject-07 villa-topoject-08 villa-topoject-09 villa-topoject-10 villa-topoject-11 villa-topoject-12 villa-topoject-13 villa-topoject-14 villa-topoject-15 villa-topoject-16

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