Lounge Living Project in Milan by Bartoli Design

Lounge Living Project in Milan by Bartoli Design

Architects: Bartoli Design
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Vincenzo Caccia

Lounge Living Project is a model-condo outlined by Bartoli Design for Laurameroni, acknowledged in the brand showroom situated in Milan focal by means of Durini.


Outline and craftsmanship are the fundamental subjects created in the task, which additionally demonstrates the likelihood to tweak the furniture pieces by Bartoli Design for any inside space.


The loft was imagined as an understanding of the average urban level: the one-hundred square meter floor arrangement was remodeled for this reason utilizing furniture components just and dodging auxiliary and stone work works.


The thought was to make both a delegate and comfortable inside, isolating the space by screens and sections in three zones: passageway, kitchen and living with feasting, with the “Stylistic theme” wooden boards by Bartoli Design giving a warm feeling to the entire flat and a fil rouge all through the house.


Entryways, divider and roof boards have along these lines been composed as components of refinement and inside outfitting, to advance the spaces where they are utilized.


The blend of hues makes an unconventional palette, offering identity to the home. The components understand an agreeable and refined climate, where diverse furniture pieces are consolidated with instinctive nature; the “Style” cut wood boards, the hand-brushed lacquered boards in a warm dim dark tint and the wrinkled fabrics upholstering the substantial “Drapè” footstools, all by Bartoli Design, are worked out in the most exact way: the valuable occupation of skilled workers offers life to the outline of the draftsman.


The passageway demonstrates a teak sideboard by Bartoli Design, a bit of high plan and craftsmanship, consolidated with the vivid fleece floor covering and the upholstered pouf with velvet spread, to give the zone its own particular feeling of spot. Works of art by painters Eleonora Pozzi and Mauro Calvi were picked by the modeler for this zone and the living, while photos by Matteo Maggioni and Gianmarco Meroni are shown in the close section, inverse to the “Le Formiche Nere” cabinet by craftsman Emilio Isgrò.


The parlor stockpiling divider is additionally outfitted with a chimney specialty on one side and a showcase corner on the other. Them two component Carrara white marble to make highlights in the divider.


A low table composed by Sottsass finishes the couch zone and two totem-like “Cirque” compartments in walnut by Bartoli Design, are put as sculptural components in the middle of living and eating, commenting the significance of workmanship and plan in this inside undertaking.


Everything is outlined and made to gauge, even the kitchen, where the same divider boards utilized as a part of the lounge room give this place another environment. Presented by the “Mandala” divider unit on the left side, the kitchen is rich and practical, outfitted with a working isle with cut entryways and cream marble best, a wooden counterceiling stowing away both specialized spots and ventilation, tapestry compartments and metal racks utilized as the visual background when taking a gander at the kitchen from the living. Underneath the bookshelves is a console (for casual feasting and perusing) from the “Stars” accumulation, completed with dark steel metal sheets as the racks.


The divider and pendant lighting components in copper and dark steel, from the Laurameroni accumulation, have likewise been altered by Bartoli Design for this venture.

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