PH-1 Prefab Home by Place Architects

PH-1 Prefab Home by Place Architects

Architects: Place Architects
Location: Kirkland, Washington, USA
Photo courtesy: Place Architects

The main of the PLACE houses finished, PH-1 is an extended PH Large with an extra embellishment building including stopping for two and office space above. Constructed for an occupied group of five or more mutts, the stock outline was adjusted to make a 4 room, 2 1/2 shower open arrangement home that is a la mode, sturdy, brilliant and fun.


Sunlight based local boiling hot water supplements family unit frameworks and totally warms the lawn lap pool; green development spares cash and assets, and the house is constantly loaded with characteristic light, outside air, views – and loved ones.

PH-1-02 PH-1-03 PH-1-04 PH-1-05 PH-1-06 PH-1-07 PH-1-08 PH-1-09 PH-1-10 PH-1-11 PH-1-12 PH-1-13

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