Shipping Container House by Studio H:T

Shipping Container House by Studio H:T

Architects: Studio H:T
Location: Nederland, Colorado, USA
Year: 2010
Area: 1,517 sqft
Photo courtesy: Braden Gunem

This undertaking addresses the requirement for intemperate space and challenges inhabitants to be proficient. Two transportation compartments saddlebag a taller normal space that join neighborhood rock outcroppings to the far reaching mountain edge sees. The holders house dozing and work capacities while the middle space gives passage, feasting, living and a space above.


The space deck welcomes simple outdoors as the stage bed moves in the middle of inside and outside. The task is wanted to be off-the-lattice utilizing sun oriented introduction, detached cooling, green rooftops, pellet stove warming and photovoltaics to make power.

Shipping-Container-House-01 Shipping-Container-House-02 Shipping-Container-House-03 Shipping-Container-House-04 Shipping-Container-House-05 Shipping-Container-House-06 Shipping-Container-House-11 Shipping-Container-House-12 Shipping-Container-House-13

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