Modern Funky Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture

Modern Funky Orange House by Yazgan Design Architecture

Architects: Yazgan Design Architecture
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Year: 2010
Area: 11.300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Yunus Özkazanç, Kerem Yazgan

Orange House is a 1050 m² living arrangement of three stories, situated in an extremely soak site. The site has a decent blend of urban perspective with Middle East Technical University timberland. The building has a steel structure. The primary rule that molded the outline procedure is the system composed by the modelers by considering the one given by the businesses.


The system depends on the advancement of adaptable connections between different inputs of outline, for example, materials, program components, requests of clients, dimensional necessities, site quirks, Ankara atmosphere and its living space, designers and engineers included with the venture.


Composing the configuration project can be called as composing the “outline of connections”. The “configuration of connections” alludes to the relations created between outline programs, as well as between the drawing and the draftsman, the planner and the proprietor and the proprietor and the drawing. The configuration project is upheld by graphs, offering route to the mix of client with the outline process.


The building is the result of an adaptable orderly process without losing the starting thought. The building outline depends on surfaces that add to an outside inside space connection between independent rooms, and a beginning chart concerning the dissemination associating these rooms. All rooms mirror the particular needs of managers in their configuration. Case in point, lounge area is dimensioned with reference to the current Persia rug having a place with the clients.


Each room divider is twofold layered. They took into shape by exploiting an idiosyncrasy presented by steel development. Shafts, specialties, entryways, water funnels, closets, and so on., are situated at within surfaces of the twofold layers. Through that approach, specialized and client prerequisites are coordinated with the starting chart. The steel structure takes after a 60cmx60cm framework dimensioning in the configuration, accordingly, gave another efficient to outlines.

Orange-House-04 Orange-House-05-1 Orange-House-05 Orange-House-06 Orange-House-07 Orange-House-10 Orange-House-11 Orange-House-12-1 Orange-House-12 Orange-House-13 Orange-House-14 Orange-House-15 Orange-House-16 Orange-House-17 Orange-House-18 Orange-House-19 Orange-House-20 Orange-House-21

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