Residential building set on the hills of Collalto surrounded by wine yards and woods

Architects: zanon architetti associati
Location: Susegana, Italy
Year: 2017
Photo courtesy: Mariano Zanon

“The project consists in the renovation and expansion a residential building set on the hills of Collalto (Susegana), surrounded by wine yards and woods; the programme preserved the original appearance of the main construction, which has been rearranged and restored together with its internal distribution system, and was energetically adapted to contemporary necessities (walls insulation, doors, windows and shutters’ replacement, always observing the original shapes).

The outside portico has been expanded following the old artifact guidelines to create new rooms under its roof: the new glazing volume hosts a pool, open to the view of the surrounding nature. The volume of the building previously used as storage room has been transferred in the garden just in front of the main house: a light steel and glass framework creates the greenhouse structure, covered with semi-transparent solar panels integrated on the roof’s glass covering.

Outdoor areas has been rearranged with ground regularization and terracing, the set up of paved paths to keep the house accessible from every point od the garden, the refurbishment of the arbor and barbecue and the plantation of new trees in harmony with the area’s typical species.”

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