3 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Bed 

3 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Bed

I love my bed. I know that it might always seem I do not get enough hours in it, but the ones I do are the rest that fuels the rest of my hours moving through life every day. If your bed is not meeting your wants and needs, you may need a customized bed, even with a unique mattress. But, on the other hand, if you cannot find a bed that serves you well, just have one made! Flexible options and creativity go a long way in producing a unique mattress that matches your requirements. Here are three things to consider when building a custom bed.

1. Size

I admit. This one can be tricky. You need your bed to be big enough for you and anyone else you might share it with. However, it also needs to fit your bedroom. In many rooms, the ideal amount of square footage that is open floor space is about 70% of the total area of a room. So aim for comfort and even a little more than you need. Queen sizes usually work for most couples, but you also must factor in the headboard, footboard, and sideboards.

Useful Tips for Styling Your Bedroom
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2. Type of Bed

Aim for something that fits the theme of your bedroom. Then again, if you are re-doing the whole bedroom, you might start with the bed and then work from there. Common fabric choices include linen, cotton, olefin, rayon, leather, and polyester. You should find your favorite or preference of colors in all these kinds of fabrics. Also, consider space and function. For example, an upholstered bed with cushioned headboard might be the best place to watch TV. On the other hand, a loft bed might use high ceiling space to save space at the floor level. 

3. Comfort

Even though I mention this one last, it should be the highest priority in your consideration. You need uninterrupted sleep at night to get ready for the coming day. A custom mattress can help. Also, think hard about what fabric you use for your upholstery. Ideal qualities include something easy to clean, breathability, and durability. A high-caliber foam might be a good option, but plenty of potentially valuable materials are also available.

Customization Means Control

Those three things certainly do not have to be your only considerations or benefits when creating a custom bed. You can match it with an equally different mattress. You might even have to. If you are ideally choosing the right mattress and bed suit your physical sleep needs, why not match the rest of your room’s decor? Balance the bedroom’s entire aesthetic with the headboard design and the overall construction of the customized bed. The specific materials you use to create the bed can bring style and durability. I would personally look at adding storage options, too, because any bedroom can use more of that. 

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