Boathouse Apartment by Bean Buro

Boathouse Apartment by Bean Buro

Architects: Bean Buro
Location: Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Year: 2013
Area: 1,200 sqft
Photo courtesy: Bean Buro

‘Boathouse’ Apartment was shortlisted as “Best 10 Living Space” for the APIDA 2013 (Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards). The project was also featured in the APIDA publication.


The three bedroom apartment in Aberdeen Larvotto was refurbished and transformed into to a live/work/play apartment for a French couple with three cats.


The new concept demolished two existing partition walls to create a large bedroom and a larger lounge adjoining to an open studio space. The opened up spaces increases panoramic window views, thus allowing the external Aberdeen boating environment to be experienced inside.


Drawing inspirations from traditional French boathouses in Brittany, the main architectural concept was a continuous ribbon-like blue wall that ‘floats’ and connects all the different areas of the apartment together.


The new timber flooring was conceptualized as a ‘cats landscape’ that would rise and fall to provide different functions: it creates a beach threshold along the windows with an infinity-pool effect, an island dinning table to stage activities, a dynamic open studio, and a bed unit that faces the calm Aberdeen life.

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