Concrete House in Caviano near Lake Maggiore by Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects

Concrete House in Caviano near Lake Maggiore by Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects

Architects: Wespi de Meuron Romeo architects
Location: Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland
Year: 2015
Area: 1,378 sqft / 128 sqm
Photo courtesy: Hannes Henz

The house, planned as a living arrangement for a group of three persons, was implicit the prompt nearness of the construction modeling office in Caviano on the Lake Maggiore.


Regarding satisfactory building densification new living space ought to be made on a remaining region of only 128 m2, on the same plot as the construction modeling office was implicit 1981, without harming the current qualities. In actuality, an advancement of the external spatial circumstance ought to be produced with sensible densification in connection with the current building.


The building laws decided the external type of the building, what frequently happens when remaining plots are created. The negligible separation to the street, the insignificant separation to the timberland, the insignificant building separation to the structural engineering office and also the privilege to expand on the cutoff toward the southwest neighbor, make a sporadic pentagonal type of absolutely 79 m² surface. An unmistakable rectangle of 48 m² surface, which is the detached inside, was incorporated in this unpredictable structure.


The polygonal outside shape and the precarious geology of the site let the building show up as an obsolete stone square in center of the woodland, this is strengthened by the harsh washed solid surfaces getting to be darker by the weathering.To the mountain-sided road the development presents itself as a shut, straightforward one-story volume. The main opening towards the road is the crude steel entryway prompting the passage court. A 3 m wide forecourt with a characteristic stone asphalt and two palms interfaces the house to the road and update it spatially.


To the valley-side, the house shows up as a thin 3-story tower. The house is composed on three stories: the top floor in the city level obliges the passageway, the principle living zone and feasting with the open kitchen, on two sides it’s totally shut and on the other two sides it’s totally vitrified towards the patios.


The passage patio on the mountainside shields the house against knowledge from the road and meanwhile it lets the daylight in. The inward patio on the coastline discharges the perspective to the lake and the mountains through a major roofed opening; while it’s shut divider surfaces mirror the daylight to within.


Both yards, each with a wisteria, let the front room turns into a “patio nursery” room and let the occupants involvement in an abnormal serious way the differing environments of the climate and the light.


A sky facing window over the staircase permits light to infiltrate into the lower floor, which suits two rooms, each with its own particular open air loggia, the restroom and the stairs to the basement, where is the procedure and a workspace.

Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-08 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-09 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-10 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-11 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-12 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-13 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-14 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-15 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-16 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-17 Concrete-House-in-Caviano-near-Lake-Maggiore-by-Wespi-de-Meuron-Romeo-architects-18

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