Multifunctional Beach Pavillion by PAR Arquitectos

Multifunctional Beach Pavillion by PAR Arquitectos

Architects: PAR Arquitectos
Location: Cachagua, Zapallar, Región de Valparaíso, Chile
Year: 2015
Area: 753 sqft / 70 sqm
Photo courtesy: Diego Elgueta

The prerequisite required a detached and open development, by a current swimming pool, toward the end of a shoreline house cultivate that explained four needs: a grill/porch space, a kitchen, a stockroom, a restroom with a changing area and a shower.


Backing was expected to interface and connect a few new inside exercises and prior examples that encompass the task.


By, a pavillion was arranged with a motion of 3 reticulated trusses lined with various lengths (2 of 12mts and 1 of 18mts long), over an arrangement of 2″x8″ oregon pine shafts and compound columns, inside of the distinctive skins and shutting permeabilities of the walled in areas are made.


The backing and crossing point Beam – Pilar, is the premise of the undertaking’s and basic framework’s demeanor, making a formal diversion in light of the breakdown of symmetries; askew column chipped away at opposite planes; together with the character of the woodwork congregations gives the task a decayed, less formal picture, run of the mill shoreline opportunity.


Spatially a focal void is developed, which reaches out into a hard esplanade, to produce changeless indoor-open air relationship, improving the structure as a backing and a holder of the family elements. The eating and lounge rooms are bolstered by a lace piece that create the chimney, flame broil and an in construct seat. As a backing and support of this, a 10 meter since a long time ago bare solid divider as a screen separate at one side the kitchen and distribution center, and in the other the lavatory/changing area. Two sliding entryways give the choice of shutting both nooks.


Because of the shady south west introduction, transparencies are vitally worked with sky facing windows and blinds looking for common light and ventilation as required in the every day employments of the diverse spaces.


With respect to, honorable, simple support and long life materials are advantaged. The structure and blinds are arranged and furnace drying oregon pine treated with waterproof dull varnish Wetproof. For floor materials, for the hard esplanade it was picked Batuco mud clay tiles 40x40cm and for within 30cm wide with variable long Travertine Coggiola treated with dark dry preliminary of La Cantera. As roof covering, Arauco 1″x4″ pine planking treated with white to white Wetproof varnish was utilized, nailed over the props, which are secured to primary bars framing an inflexible stomach with the OSB plate of the rooftop spread.

Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-07 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-08 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-09 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-10 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-11 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-12 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-13 Multifunctional-Beach-Pavillion-by-PAR-Arquitectos-14

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