Stranded House with open space for living room, dining room and kitchen by WHALE!

Stranded House with open space for living room, dining room and kitchen by WHALE!

Architects: WHALE!
Location: Tunquen, Algarrobo, Región de Valparaíso, Chile
Year: 2014
Area: 1,938 sqft / 180 sqm
Photo courtesy: Hugo Bertolotto

The principle arrangement is a basic shoreline house, with 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and an open space for lounge room, lounge area and kitchen; in addition to 2 porches, one indoor and one uncovered. The plan is inherent two volumes that are converged and covered. The floor format mirrors the defining moment of the inward geography in connection to the scene .


The house is situated in Tunquén, 122 km far from Santiago, in a área with chasms and ravinesthat steer the water into the valley. The site ignores a scene where the boxed estuary opens to the Tunquén wetland, before converging with the principle shoreline and the Pacific Ocean.


The development framework is made of unbending edges, based on pine wood (2 x 6″), and separated 95 cm, where every casing is not the same as another. On the other hand, the rooftop is consistent and homogeneous, catching in a solitary motion the distinctive snippets of the house.

Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-03 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-04 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-05 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-06 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-07 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-08 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-09 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-10 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-11 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-12 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-13 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-14 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-15 Stranded-House-with-open-space-for-living-room-dining-room-and-kitchen-by-WHALE-16

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