66MRN House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

66MRN House by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd

Architects: ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Location: Singapore
Year: 2013
Area: 924 sqft / 86 sqm
Photo courtesy: Derek Swalwell

Simply off Stevens Road is this Zen-enlivened abiding with solid structural lines and shapes that are further complemented by the materials utilized. Involving two primary volumes, the front piece houses the social spots, for example, the living and formal eating territories, whilst administration capacities are consigned to the back, alongside the kitchen. Albeit outwardly comparative, the squares are recognized by composition – the social action piece is clad in rock and the administration obstruct in admission confronted concrete.


The outline brief required all spaces on the ground floor to shape a durable entire so that when all entryways are open on the ground floor, the individual spaces converge into an one – beginning from the lap pool and plant at the passage, to the parlor in the front square and the distance to the kitchen in the back piece.


An intelligent pool separates the two primary squares and sits at the base of a sheer three-story-high void that achieves the rooftop. This void structures the home’s visual and spatial focus furthermore fills in as a method for drawing up hot air so that the cooler air can surge into keep temperatures low.


The main room sits on the second floor of the primary social volume, whilst the main washroom and in addition the kids’ rooms are to the back. In the storage room floor above is an extra room and number of multipurpose spaces. Abutting porches and open decks lined in counterfeit grass make the housetop an intriguing space where lines in the middle of indoor and outside space are obscured.


With its common compositions and wealth of greenery, it is the adherence to moderate outline that structures the substance of this cutting edge family home, in this way giving its tenants an unwinding, roomy house come back to by the day’s end.

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