Blue Penthouse I by Dariel Studio

Blue Penthouse I by Dariel Studio

Architects: Dariel Studio
Location: Shanghai, China
Area: 4,305 sqft
Photo courtesy: Dariel Studio

Crafting a functional yet attractive and unique home for a family is a tall order for any interior designer. Thomas Dariel took up the challenge. After several months of renovation and a complete face-lift, he drastically transformed the existing space into a spacious, modern and sophisticated penthouse.

Blue-Penthouse-01 Blue-Penthouse-02 Blue-Penthouse-03 Blue-Penthouse-04 Blue-Penthouse-05 Blue-Penthouse-06 Blue-Penthouse-07 Blue-Penthouse-08 Blue-Penthouse-09 Blue-Penthouse-10 Blue-Penthouse-11 Blue-Penthouse-12 Blue-Penthouse-13 Blue-Penthouse-14 Blue-Penthouse-15 Blue-Penthouse-16 Blue-Penthouse-17 Blue-Penthouse-18 Blue-Penthouse-19 Blue-Penthouse-20 Blue-Penthouse-21 Blue-Penthouse-22 Blue-Penthouse-23 Blue-Penthouse-24 Blue-Penthouse-25

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