Hijauan House by Twenty-Nine Design

Hijauan House by Twenty-Nine Design

Architects: Twenty-Nine Design
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photo courtesy: Twenty-Nine Design

Hijauan is a house in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Arranged on a little plot in an adult private improvement, we took the Malay expression “Hijau” signifying “green” as our outline order. Our point was to abstain from cutting a solitary tree nearby. Accordingly, the house scores its way around the current greenery, particularly the two glorious 50 year old mango trees at the edge limit.


The ground floor of the house is all glass, and can be opened up to the tropical components. The first floor rooms are protected from the sun with timber screens and in addition the tree foliage all around. The massing of the house has been cut out all around with patios that get light, air, and green, making for tropical spaces that BREATHE.

Hijauan-House-02 Hijauan-House-03 Hijauan-House-04 Hijauan-House-05 Hijauan-House-06 Hijauan-House-07 Hijauan-House-08 Hijauan-House-09 Hijauan-House-10 Hijauan-House-11 Hijauan-House-12 Hijauan-House-13 Hijauan-House-14-1 Hijauan-House-14 Hijauan-House-15-1 Hijauan-House-15 Hijauan-House-16 Hijauan-House-17-1 Hijauan-House-17 Hijauan-House-18 Hijauan-House-19 Hijauan-House-20 Hijauan-House-21

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