Honiton Residence by MCK Architects

Honiton Residence by MCK Architects

Architects: MCK Architects
Location: Bellevue Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Steve Back

A startling blend of Middle Eastern hues against flawless white gives this home its feeling of extravagance and peaceful liveability. The MCK remodel of a family living arrangement in Bellevue Hill has changed an Arts and Craft Movement house into an unblemished white canvas whereupon striking surfaces talk. A short customer brief drove MCK’s methodology; the proprietors of the six-room habitation whined the house was ‘too enormous’. MCK saw a pressing need to re-shape and rejoin the inside spaces, while making a greater amount of the broad greenery enclosure zone, pool, and upper decks.


Another introduction of key living spaces was a basic initial step to augmenting daylight and characteristic ventilation. Interfacing the once in the past cut off rooms was vital to opening the home’s spaces and realizing exceedingly usable and well disposed living ranges. Outside and inner blinds, and sunshade overhangs, were utilized to control presentation to the daylight, while inside the house an open mezzanine has changed the back corridor into a useful point of convergence.


The utilization of the substantial void to join the kitchen, formal feasting and living territories offers amicability to once different rooms. Light and the fine control of it further improves the mezzanine, guaranteeing these spaces are welcoming and useable at all seasons of the day. The inside is kept nonpartisan with punches of shading used to include identity and character. Everywhere throughout the house the suggestive complexity of extraordinary textural materials is a striking configuration highlight. Harsh sandstone plays off against smooth solid, timber screens contrast against rich plants, gem hued tiles organized in an Islamic fan design separate squares of stark Calacutta marble.


A sandstone divider that “snakes” its way through the building from inside to out, is a cunning strategic and visual gadget, used to join an assortment of spaces. The light shading palette was chosen to supplement the customer’s broad workmanship and object gathering. White paint was utilized on the dividers and light or medium dim hues decided for the deck. Thusly, a determination of contemporary completions accent fittings, and installations alongside electrical discharges orange, turquoise and cerise hop are permitted to jump out. In the lounge area a custom-constructed screen between mirrors the definite example on the first stamped tin roof and goes about as an enlivening division in the middle of eating and parlors.

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