Simple Guide for Choosing the Perfect Door Locks

Simple Guide for Choosing the Perfect Door Locks


2020 was the year most of us stayed at home. Schools were shut, office policies changed to accommodate a work-from-home model, and restrictions made it hard to go out. However, as the end of the year approaches, a gradual return to normalcy is in sight, as a vaccine makes its way into populations across the country starting this December. 

That said, after being home for so long, some homeowners are wary of how vulnerable their homes may be to burglars. It’s a good time to review your home security systems, including your door locks. With safety being a top priority for all homeowners, we’ve put together this short guide so you can select door locks that best serve your needs.


External Doors

The biggest concern in the home is usually the outer doors, as these allow direct entry into your home. When looking to upgrade your locks, it’s important to consult a locksmith. That’s because the type of lock you need may not be easily pulled off the shelf and fit into your particular door in a quick DIY project. You need to consider the door frame’s quality, insurance requirements, and ultimately your desired security level.

One popular option is installing a patented lock. This type of lock comes with patented keys that can only be copied after proof of ownership. However, patented locks are just one type of secure lock for your front door. Double cylinder deadbolts are a great option for entry doors. If you are not sure what you need, the locksmith can recommend a lock that fits your needs and is within your budget. 


Reinforced Door Frames

Ultimately, a lock is only as good as the frame its door is fitted into. If you have a weak door, especially those with hollow cores, you may find that the door gives in long before the lock does. Irrespective of the door lock you ultimately get, use a box strike made of heavy-duty metal. Alternatively, install three-inch screws on your existing strike plate.

It’s important to note that a double-sided lock, though safer, is considered a fire hazard by many municipalities. That’s because you need a key to unlock the door from the inside, which can leave you trapped inside in case of a fire emergency. However, in cases where the door is framed by glass, this may be an option to consider as it would deter a burglar from breaking the glass and reaching in to unlock the thumb turn. 

Simple Guide for Choosing the Perfect Door Locks

Smart Locks

Most people assume that smart locks are not as safe as traditional locks. While they do provide reliable security, smart door locks are also more convenient as they allow you to grant temporary access to your home to guests and contractors with their own codes. You can delete these temporary access codes as you wish. That makes keypad or keyless locks and other types of smart locks great for people who are away from home, but want to allow authorized people inside. 

However, these high tech locks are still vulnerable to break-in tactics such as drilling. They are also a target for digital hackers. It’s also important to note that these locks often require extra hardware to enable the remote features. Additionally, they are more expensive than deadbolt locks. If you want to install a smart lock, however, consider getting a simple electronic lock. It’s more affordable than other smart locks, but cannot be manipulated remotely.


Get the Right Lock

There are hundreds of locks available for your home, each suitable for a limited number of needs: from keyed entry, passage, privacy, and dummy door functions. What matters most is choosing the right lock for your security needs and functions. Don’t forget to choose a design and finish that blends in with your existing home style and interior decor.

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