5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home Besides Alarm Systems

5 Ways to Safeguard Your Home Besides Alarm Systems

Home security in this day and age, when governments are on high alert for various potential security breaches, has been ramped up to soothe people’s anxieties.

There are various discreet ways to safeguard your property and family besides regular alarm systems, which don’t do much to keep intruders out; they are just there to alert you when your property has been trespassed on.

These ingenious security methods have been developed to the highest safety standards – consider installing some of these if you’re worried about your home security.


Door & Window Shutters

Rolling retractable door and window shutters provide industrial security for your home if you live in a high-risk area. Rather than installing ugly clunky bars on windows, these are only seen when necessary and won’t make your home look like a high security prison.

At the push of a button, the shutters roll down to protect all breakable doors and windows to your home – there will be no entry for anyone without keys or passcodes.

They come in a range of colors to match your home’s exterior – popular shades are white or brown, but metal styles are available – which look subtle and protect your property without being an eyesore.


Security Screen Doors

This special door type offers homeowners peace of mind in knowing that intruders will not be able to force through these industrial strength stainless steel doors.

When professionally installed by specialist glass companies like Rockingham Glass, the security screen doors include a mesh layer for warm days that “lets nothing through except for fresh air” – good to know when protecting your home! (As well as keeping out thieves and trespassers, they also keep out flies, mosquitoes and dirt, perfect for hot climates.)

Security doors feature a triple-locking mechanism and are built from durable stainless steel, providing maximum safety for everyone inside your home.


Security Cameras

If a break-in should occur, security cameras help you present evidence to the authorities and help them to identify who the culprit was. This can be a pivotal factor in getting any stolen items back and securing justice for you and your family.

Install cameras outside your home trained on your front door, and others with a view of the front surrounding area of your home, so that you can see who approaches and any vehicle that they drive. Also have some at the back of the house, in case anyone tries to enter that way. For extra protection, have one in your front hallway inside the house.

Security footage can be saved to disk, but more often these days, footage is uploaded straight to your cloud storage device where it will always be available to you and cannot be tampered with.


Fingerprint Scanners

Yep, these sci-fi devices can now be installed into the security network of your home, permitting nobody except those tapped into the system to enter.

Fingerprint scanning door locks have been used to protect businesses for a while but are now available for private property. Get yours from big brands like Samsung, who are revolutionizing home security to accurately keep out unauthorized persons. Perhaps iris scanners are next?


Smart Security Systems

The ultimate security system for homes has become encapsulated by digital. Hundreds of companies, including ADT, SimpliSafe and Nest, have begun developing and releasing their own ‘smart’ security systems, which can be fully controlled by the owner’s laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Remote monitoring (viewing home security cameras on a digital device from a remote location) is not a new thing; but concentrated together in one hub with all other security controls is. Control your home shutter system; lock your doors and windows; access security footage; turn lights on and off; and more, all within one app on your smart phone. The app will also instantly notify you if it detects a strange occurrence from any of your multiple safeguarding devices.

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