5 Exciting things to do in “The city of homes” – Alhambra, California

5 Exciting things to do in “The city of homes” – Alhambra

The very first thing that stands out for this city is the history and historical homes in Alhambra, California. 100 years ago, this city was mentioned in the top 100 cities to live in the United States, however, the opinion is now working with the fact and Americans are now planning to settle down in the City. There are ample popular attractions for the tourists and visitors to see in the city. Some people go to explore the ancient history that is hidden there and others are aiming to figure out history.

Alhambra has plenty of activities from friendly parks to late night clubs, with a plethora of restaurants, beaches, shopping centers. “Alhambra is a vibrant community with activities for all members of the family” says Alhambra Mayor Steve Placido. “We are conveniently located in downtown Los Angeles and other exciting Southern California attractions.” These were lines said by the head of the city which is true to a great extent. The city is a suburb of Los Angeles, with a population of 85,678 currently. It’s far by the best place for a history enthusiast to live in. In Alhambra, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, resorts, etc. Undoubtedly, people who live there tend to be liberal and the education system here is rated A grade.

Know about the city

Alhambra is a beautiful and historic city located in the Western San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County, California. The population in the year 2010 was around 90,785 and it’s just 8 miles away from the Los Angeles downtown civic center.

  • Beautiful history homes of Alhambra

Once upon a time, Alhambra was not called by his name, whereas it was known as “The city of homes” and everyone who visited the city, their trip would be incomplete if they haven’t watched some of the best historic homes that this city has to offer. We will not say that the houses will be as grand as Newport Mansions, but they do have a tea historic importance and value attached to them. Some of them include Craftsman, Bungalow, and Spanish Colonial houses. You can also have a self-tour to see all the homes. There are two main areas where you will find ample historic homes one is Bean Tract named for James bean and another is Midwick Tract, an area that was sought after many decades ago and also included umpteen number of important historic homes.

  • Obama Brewing Company

Have you heard about Craft beer? If not, then you should check this out. Nowadays, it has become a big deal and important to have a craft beer business in the United States. Just in case, if anyone is interested in small scale businesses, you should check out this brewery in Alhambra. The owner of this brewery is the single shareholder of his company which is now recognized everywhere in the United States. His crafted beer is sold in every bar or club in the United States. Alhambra is a place where you can learn about craft beer and beer aficionados. Tour is available which is a great way to learn about not only the brewery process but also the way how a young student now an entrepreneur has gained so much success behind the business. Learn about his story, with a taste of top-class beer. If you’re planning to shift to Alhambra, California, then you can reach out to Alhambra movers, they provide the best services, relocation to Alhambra would be much easier with a trustable moving company and movers. Also at the brewery, there is a tasting room where you can taste the top 6 different beers on the table.

  • The Mosaic Lizard Theatre

If you love contemporary art, works, classics, and plays then here is the place for you to join. The mosaic lizard theatre was founded in the year 1993, which is an excellent place to immerse yourself in a vibrant environment. This theatre and crew invite all types of age groups and backgrounds. Sketch comedy and improvisation have been an ongoing occurrence at the little theatre and shows are often played to “sold-out audiences” and are quickly getting popularity and critical acclaim.

  • Burke Heritage Park

Alhambra is a city which is a great importance of historical value and burke heritage Park and society music is just a way where you can immerse yourself in that vibe. There is no such charge or fees to go to the museum, but there are timings and days that you need to follow. On display itself, you will see a fine and unique collection donated by city residents. Therefore, it is open only 2 Thursdays in a month.

  • The Romana Museum of California History

This museum is located in the San Gabriel District and opens especially on Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm. This museum offers a plethora of diverse historical pieces and vestiges of showcasing Californian history. You can find diverse antique pieces here and photographs hanging on the display itself. Alhambra city is known for historic homes, you will see plenty of museums here which will have a greater value and importance in the history of Alhambra city.

5 Exciting things to do in "The city of homes" - Alhambra

Moving to Alhambra

If you’re moving to Alhambra, you will have a good life with a twist of Cultural Diversity. The city is famous for its multi-ethnic population, mountains, beaches, resorts, etc. Let’s visit some of the most popular tourist attractions in Alhambra, California.

  • Aquarium of the pacific;
  • Catalina Island;
  • Hollywood walk of fame;
  • Huntington library;
  • Knott’s farm Farm;
  • Los Angeles memorial coliseum;
  • NBC studio tour;
  • Norton Simon museum.

If you’re in the city and you haven’t experienced the attraction till now, then you’re missing many things. Alhambra movers are there to help and guide you, they have the equipment, resources, and manpower to effectively relocate you to your desired city with safety and will ensure that your biggest price processions are safe with them.


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