House PS by SoNo Arhitekti

House PS by SoNo Arhitekti

Architects: SoNo Arhitekti
Location: Slovenia
Year: 2015
Area: 2,476 ft²/ 230 m²
Photo courtesy: Aljoša Videtič

This family home is an illustration of an advanced configuration loaded with characteristic light and building pieces contained economical material – for this situation wood, one of the if not the most key material of Slovenia . It’s unquestionably not a run of the mill pre-assembled house out of inventory as we attempted to add to a home that addresses the issues of present day clients while having useful floor arrangements and contemporary exquisite outside all fittingly sunk into its scene.


Principle idea presents three volumes that are put in a triangular organization in part overlayed with a rectangular type of the upper floor. While the dynamic state of the groundfloor is secured with a level rooftop, the first floor is finished with a peak –like rooftop, reverberating the conventional engineering of the house’s environment.


While we go into an open extensive and powerfully molded ground floor we find a charming close climate. The family room and eating territory offer a ton of common light through the expansive coated window surfaces. A conspicuous staircase drives us to the upper resting region that comprises of the fundamental room with its own changing area and a washroom and kids’ rooms with a littler restroom.


Regardless of ground floor’s dynamic shape, its façade is monochrome – predominately a perfect white surface in mix with greater windows. Despite what might be expected the basic type of the upper floor has a strongly outlined façade – a blend of dim shading shades and common larch wood’s surfaces.


Wood is the essential auxiliary component and in the meantime supplements the veneers, window outlines, while additionally ruling the insides.

House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-05 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-06 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-07 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-08 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-09 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-10 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-11 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-12 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-13 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-14 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-15 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-16 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-17 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-18 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-19 House-PS-by-SoNo-Arhitekti-20

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