Family House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero

Family House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero

Architects: A-cero
Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain
Year: 2010
Area: 762 sqm
Photo courtesy: Luis H Segovia

A-cero displays its new house: a manufactured arrangement of volumes and sheets joined as an impeccable play that blends the breaking points in the middle of craftsmanship and structural planning. As indicated by A-cero style, present day anticipating, pieces and plates characterize the outline of this private task with sculptural references.


The house is situated in Las Rozas, one of the wealthiest towns of Madrid. The abode’s plot has a surface of 1.368m2 with a light slant that A-cero has utilized as a part of request to adjust the building’s three stories: storm cellar, ground floor and first floor. The building’s surface is 762,47m2.


The person on foot access happens by the ground floor where are found the most social rooms (parlor, parlor and lounge area) in the right half of the house. In the left side are the accompanying rooms: a washroom, cleaning room, a yard, kitchen – office, a larder and a cleaning room. In this level is likewise a yard that speaks with the lounge area. An inside stair and a lift correspond this level with the storm cellar and the first floor.


The principal floor has 273,46m2 and incorporates the accompanying rooms: two youngsters rooms with changing areas, bathrooms and a family room; a visitors’ room with lavatory; the principle room with two changing areas and washroom; a study that he corresponds with a footbridge – library (to which likewise one obtains entrance from the primary room) and two little patios. The storm cellar incorporates office quarters, storage space, quarter of actualizes for the patio nursery and bikes, inside swimming pool, gym, sauna, back rubs room, silver screen room and basement.


The lodging is furnished with two swimming pools and two jacuzzi (for outside and inside)


Insides emerge for their translucent appropriation. It is an agreeable and livable staying with abundant ranges. The beige marble with the hold up dividers and rooftops deliver a great deal of clarity and iridescence in insides. Moreover, these hues make an extensive size sensation in the house. Configuration, usefulness and quality are the principle ideas that have set up this current house’s outline where polish, innovation and straightforwardness emerge as indicated by A-cero’s structural planning.

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