Irregularly shaped house surrounded by trees in an exclusive golf club development

Irregularly shaped house surrounded by trees in an exclusive golf club development

Architects: Muñoz Arquitectos
Location: Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Year: 2013
Area: 9.429 ft²/ 876 m²
Photo courtesy: David Cervera

“For this project we had the opportunity to work on an irregularly shaped, 1,708 square meter plot, with 21 trees, in an exclusive golf club development in the north of the city of Merida.

In common with our previous projects, the challenge -which also constitutes one of our firm beliefs- was to respect the existing trees, as they are tenants which have more right to continue living there than the new habitants.

The house is fragmented in order to respect all the trees on the property. A white volume contains all the house’s services and is supported by the stone walls that frame the entrance. A main entrance –an open, gardened space- has two trees and creates a hallway before you reach the house itself. The circulation continues when entering the public space that consists of the living room, dining room and kitchen, which is also shaded by two other trees.

The house has three volumes and two intermediate patios which contain the existing trees. The first volume combines the entrance and top-floor services; the second includes the double-height public areas; and the third boasts the main living area and open-air swimming pool on the ground floor, while the bedrooms and terrace are located on the top floor.

From the moment you enter the house, each space you pass through offers spectacular views of the golf course.”

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