D79 House by mode:lina architekci

D79 House by mode:lina architekci

Architects: mode:lina architekci
Location: Poznan, Poland
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Marcin Ratajczak

“We are a family with little children, who will go to school soon.” This idea was a starting point to design a multifunctional house space, which brings together a lot of diferent duties – both school and domestic ones. The investor wants to create a friendly and functional space.




The architects from mode:lina architekci during close cooperation with the investor helped to establish a dreamed-of interior to play and work in.

“We needed to organize the space so that children can play freely, put away their toys, while I have a dreamed-of white kitchen with an island and a large oak table.” The designers from mode:lina architekci planned a lounge and kitchen’s open space. The kitchen is distinguished by the big white island, white furniture and wooden walls. The big oak table with stylish chairs is the best place for daily work and also a place for meetings of friends and family.


“The space is open, comfortable and well-organized for our needs.”

The investor’s idea was to make feel at home for their quests. The apartment’s plan perfectly works out during family get-togethers. There is a lot of room for sitting at the table as well as on the sofa.


“(About bedroom) This is our sanctuary. Our place. Our privacy”

The idea for the bedroom needed to incorporate the practical needs like storage space. The architects proposed a big bookcase which separate the beedrom from the rest of the world. To give it warm and cozy atmosphere wooden elements and various fabrics were used.

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