Le Portelet House by MOOARC

Le Portelet House by MOOARC

Architects: MOOARC
Location: island of Guernsey
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: MOOARC

Portelet House is a trial house in Guernsey by MOOHUS, MOOARC’s configuration research lab. Le Portelet is another family home, which sits inside of the lush slope sitting above Portelet Harbor. The venture was considered as three timber squares settled into the slope permitting perspectives of the encompassing scene from all rule rooms. The palette of materials mixes with the shoreline setting and intervenes between water, earth and sky.

Le-Portelet-House-01 Le-Portelet-House-02 Le-Portelet-House-03 Le-Portelet-House-04 Le-Portelet-House-05 Le-Portelet-House-06 Le-Portelet-House-07-1 Le-Portelet-House-07 Le-Portelet-House-08 Le-Portelet-House-09 Le-Portelet-House-10 Le-Portelet-House-11 Le-Portelet-House-12 Le-Portelet-House-13 Le-Portelet-House-14

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