Lakewood by KZ architecture

Lakewood by KZ architecture

Architects: KZ architecture
Location: Florida, USA
Area: 4,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Robin Hill

Settled between adult oak examples in the front and a lake in the back, the 4,800 one story vanilla box home was asking for an association with its sub-tropical setting. The unfathomable open, yet rotting spaces in the back of the 23,000 sq ft site were in urgent need of an intercession. The open door introduced itself when our customers, a couple with three youngsters, drew nearer us with the solicitation to include a craftsman studio for the mother–a painter– on the Northern edge of the property. They additionally needed to re-plan the outside ranges which comprised of a well used out fabric shelter, a pool, and a substantial field of unusable open space which slanted down to the lake.


The customer’s necessities incorporated a composition studio with sufficient work and divider space and in addition incomprehensible measures of light, an office and a restroom; outside patios, and also a Bar-B-Q range that would bolster serving and enthralling capacities.


Planning the studio as a grapple for a progression of outside spaces, the expansion/intercession strived to shake the current structure and associate it to its wonderful common setting to observe South Tropical indoor/open air living.


The 800 square foot studio expansion appears to glide over the home’s new terracing, aided by a story plate that develops past the edge of the studio and is lit from underneath. Windows that face South and West are shaded by profound shades, while North-confronting clerestory windows have no shading gadget, making certain the studio is loaded with circuitous, normal light by day. The front of the studio, confronting the lake has a vast storefront façade alongside a substantial divider encircling a little, square window, in a route going about as signage this is undoubtedly a working craftsman’s atelier.


The open air spaces were outlined with the assistance of a progression of skimming pieces toward the South which give equalization to the studio structure on the North. The exchange of sliding planes, lights and darks, solids and voids echoes the instruments of a craftsman at work, while satisfying particular capacities: The two tall solid segments isolate the open air living space from the pool zone and in addition give structure to the upper and lower shades. The upper shelters give scope to open air living and sunshades, while the lower shade serves as sustenance prepare and serving space for family social affairs.


In spite of the confinements and breaking points on coating/mullion proportions of the South Florida typhoon construction regulation, the task meant to join the inside spaces to the outside in every conceivable way. This included extensive sliders, plantings at the edge of both, the studio and the secured patio ranges, and in addition the straight shades that push the whole setting towards the lake.


The finished result is one that unites our work to the substance of spot and reason: the new outside rooms reenact the open air Florida living knowledge of the 40s and 50s before the coming of focal ventilating. To cite our customers, “they are the most lived in spaces of our home” and along these lines stand as confirmation of all that South Florida living can be.

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