Project b95 by Beyond Homes

Project b95 by Beyond Homes

Architects: Beyond Homes
Location: Calgary, Canada
Photo courtesy: Ted Knude Photography

Venture b95 outlines a way to deal with configuration that mirrors the particular society of Calgary, Alberta.

Project b95-01

One of a kind materials, for example, hickory, quartz ledges, crude metal, Moroccan propelled structural tile, altered completions and asset proficient, planner installations are used with socially various motivation in an open idea, current space.

Project b95-02

This venture obliges the new cutting edge family in Calgary who are searching for a home situation that adds to the set up groups in the inward city and that mirrors their outline way of life.

Project b95-03-1 Project b95-03 Project b95-04-1 Project b95-04-2 Project b95-04 Project b95-05 Project b95-06-1 Project b95-06 Project b95-07-1 Project b95-07 Project b95-08-0 Project b95-08-1 Project b95-08 Project b95-09 Project b95-10

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