Ita House by Taller5 Arquitectos

Ita House by Taller5 Arquitectos

Architects: Taller5 Arquitectos
Location: La Piedad, Michoacan, Mexico
Area: 680 sqm
Year: 2009
Photos: Roberto Ortiz

Taller5 has been fruitful in a play whose fundamental topic is the harmony between vast windows, water reflect and stone completions through two engineering bodies snuggling a vacuum.


One of the volumes serves as the setting for the principle exercises of the house, making a square to break contain and privileging of sight from the main room, on whose premises the point of convergence is the overhang.


The second body, lower in stature, has an imperative material progressive system, made especially evident surface showed by a strong line rises as a divider tile to end up the primary living range lastly into the top of the porch space that characterizes and expresses all the movement in the house and that gives outwardly all, the skyline line.


No less vital, from the purpose of access to the house, we see an awesome character linker component: a cross section steel planned taking into account a line that inspires perpetual branches normally suspended. Raised on this solid and steel hall, is the fundamental volume of red marble covered making the ideal complexity in the middle of warm and chilly equation rehashed in whatever is left of the completions picked.

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