Lakeside House by Spado Architects

Lakeside House by Spado Architects

Architects: Spado Architects
Location: Carinthia, Austria
Year: 2012
Photos: Kurt Kuball

The augmentation to a lakeside private house, containing three stories taking all things together, plays on the state of the scene and settles into the precarious incline that keeps running from south to north down to the lake. Confronting the lake, it makes 3 all-glass private stories with the kitchen enthroned at their inside, similar to the order scaffold of a boat.


The projections and breaks loan the augmentation a sentiment delicacy, making roofed outside regions furthermore making each of the 3 stories emerge outwardly. The kitchen confronts east, with its particular “eye”, accepting the morning sun. The exterior is secured with obscure white glass boards, standing out in spots from polished dark glass components.


A house on a lake is normally adjusted to the perspectives of the lake. In spite of the fact that exteriors which confront northwards to the lake may seem unfavorable at first look, their favorable circumstances get to be clear in summer. There’s no compelling reason to introduce any shades and they never get over-warmed. In this connection, north-bound dividers are perfect when you have all-glass exteriors. The lake turns into the fundamental hero.





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