St Leon 10 by SAOTA and ARRCC

St Leon 10 by SAOTA and ARRCC

Architects: SAOTA and ARRCC
Location: Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2006
Photos: SAOTA

This house was intended for a family with 2 youthful children who needed a house which at the same time made spaces for easygoing cozy family events or substantial social gatherings. The site takes into consideration remarkable perspectives towards the 12 Apostle Mountains, Clifton Beaches and Robben Island. The building is cut into the slant with around half of its back face underneath the regular ground level. The upper level buoys over the basically coated South West confronting first floor and this misrepresents the tallness of the building with respect to the neighboring ground level.


The house is sorted out in a straight way with all rooms confronting the perspective. The back of the house offers security without any openings other than the coated twofold volume passageway space. This space is screened with a steel confined timber screen and access off the road is through overwhelming timber doors.


The twofold volume passage space leads onto the principle living wing of the house including 2 parlors, lounge area and kitchen. A sculptural stair leads up a triple volume space from the passageway up to the second floor and room levels. The ground floor is gotten to through the same stairwell and suits a liberal pool excitement room with an element depressed parlor, illuminated onyx bar and wine basement. A rec center and second visitor room are likewise suited on this least level.


ARRCC were selected as the inside decorators. On the passageway living level the insides are kept to an unbiased palette with an inconspicuous play on surface in materials and fabric chose. Delicate cream cowhides and weathered timber completions layer the inside with extravagant components. The general feel is warm and welcoming.



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