Laurel Way Residence by Whipple Russell Architects

Laurel Way Residence by Whipple Russell Architects

Architects: Whipple Russell Architects
Location: Beverly Hills, California, USA
Photos:  William MacCollum

Falling down a slope in Beverly Hills, California, Laurel Way Residence can without much of a stretch be confused for a colorful occasion resort. Whipple Russell Architects needed to accomplish an offbeat outline, where “every room or space ought to be a gem box, an exclusively imagined, correctly utilitarian and emotional tactile involvement with its own particular profundity of structural engineering”.

architecture-modern-residence-Laurel-WayMarc Whipple’s mark components are available all through, for example, the utilization of differentiating compositions and glass reflecting water.


As per the draftsmen, “the prompt experience after going into the house is its innate weightlessness – the feeling that the dividers seem to skim as boards and you are constantly joined with the outside. This is accomplished with adherence to exact symmetry of bars, bolster boards, tiles, and sightlines, furthermore that dividers don’t meet the roofs – a half-creep crevice is left that accomplishes the impact”.


Probably the most striking elements of Laurel Way Residence incorporate a 14 ft. wood turn passage entryway flanked completely by glass, a Master Suite opening up towards an extensive porch with Jacuzzi tub, a home theater, a 5-auto carport and a zero edge infinity pool.

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