Alinghi Residence by Grose Bradley BNV

Alinghi Residence by Grose Bradley BNV

Architects: Grose Bradley BNV
Location: Rocky Point, Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2005
Photo courtesy: John Gollings

Alinghi has been planned to make a position of thought and withdraw settled on the edge of a high sand edge and unpleasant incline facing upper east over the South Pacific. The trademark wonderfulness of this spot gave the reason of the arrangement – sitting clearly toward the upper east of the house is Rocky Point, a richly textured and tinted “harsh point`.


The stratified rock layers of the point reveal themselves as stages finding their look as level section focuses into the sandy strait. The rich shades of the stones wander from the level white sand and to the sea, building up a visual tongue pronto joined to the earth and promptly vaporous and light like the passing seabirds. Staying on the travertine phase of Alinghi the same impression of separation is self-evident – the level and solid shake underneath adeptly holds up itself significantly into the sand edge making a sentiment multifaceted nature between the “rock` of the house stages and the sparkling water of the including reflection lakes. The windswept coastline scour with its fine detail and expressive tumult offers landscape to the essential sorts of the house.


Two structures shape the settlement associated by a strong secured way – the strong again reflecting the strong rootedness of the building into the scene. The structures are a mix of sacked strong piece and timber secures in tones and organizations that will develop the patina of the scene – the significant stone work base and the light timber edges abstracting the relationship between the old rocks at the sea edge and the twisted and wound Australian shoreline front vegetation.


The essential structure is arranged with immense living spaces opening onto a combination of semi-encased reaches giving retreat from the wind or for unwinding in the Queensland sun – the second is a retreat structure with room and private study, with both structures neighboring the travertine stage on the north and south and toward the west the open strong walkway encompassing the bush. In time the scene and structures will join to give a retreat and refuge at one with the everlasting life of this unpleasant and quintessentially Australian ocean.

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