Chalet White Pearl by Philippe Capezzone

Chalet White Pearl by Philippe Capezzone

Location: Val d’Isère, La Daille, France
Area: 3,300 sqft
Price: 18,000€ to 33,000€ per week
Photo courtesy: Chalets Pearl

The White Pearl offers exceptional personalized service thanks to its dedicated staff to take care of you. Combining professionalism and discretion to ensure service excellence, you will enjoy an exclusive environment in privacy.


In a contemporary design harmony with the authenticity of beams and paneling on the ceiling, the atmosphere thus created will be perfect for our guests meet at the fireplace and relax after a day of skiing in strong emotions.


Beyond their exceptional comfort, all rooms of the White Pearl surround you in a contemporary style but where you feel “at home”.


An atmosphere that makes your nights precious moments of relaxation and serenity. The rooms each have 5 suites all from the same high level of services and is equipped with a private bathroom.


With an impressive volume and current to swim, the private pool of White Pearl is the ultimate place to relax after a day on the slopes. You’ll also enjoy the movie screen, your sauna and relaxation areas.

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