Spa House by Metropolis Design

Spa House by Metropolis Design

Architects: Metropolis Design
Location: Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2011
Photos: Metropolis Design

Spa House: Mountainside home coordinated into its capable common environment


Set on the mountainside on the urban edge of Hout Bay, neglecting the straight and harbor, encompassed by weathered sandstone developmental. The essential configuration expectation was to coordinate the building with the intense scene and to get its poetics from the characteristics of its environment. The Spa House is isolated from the primary habitation by a berm, and is joined with it by trails.


The brief required a position of diversion and unwinding both for the customer and his incidental visitors, who might likewise be obliged there. It joins swimming pools, visitor convenience, spa offices and general living and poolside regions. The house is imagined as a drifting arrangement of components, suspended over a vast waterscape, which frames a developed patio on the mountainside.


Water constitutes the essential experience of the building. The floor planes are orchestrated to give differentiating encounters of water, and the submerged spa with huge review windows into the pool has a feeling of stillness and puzzle. The visitor convenience square floats drastically over the water and ventures into space towards the mountain and . The feasting region is submerged underneath water level, and pool decks are orchestrated as islands in an of water, joined by a scaffold.


The building masses are organized in a dynamic organization, crosswise over and counter to the forms of the scene. The building goes about as a windbreak, shielding the pool from the south-easterly winds raking down the mountainside in summer. The ground floor opens up altogether to the scene and the inside and outside completions are constant, to minimize the refinement in the middle of inside and outside and upgrade the experience of the building as a light stage in an inconceivable scene.


Formally, the building includes various separate sculptural structures in a dynamic piece. The base of the building, joining pools, unwinding rooms and visitor settlement is altogether of cement. The superstructure is of steel development, which is clad in afromosia shiplap sheets on timber studwork.

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