Hyde Park Townhouse by SHH Architects

Hyde Park Townhouse by SHH Architects

Architects: SHH Architects
Location: Hyde Park, London, England
Area: 2,800 sqft
Photo courtesy: interiors – David Cleveland, garden – Peter Baistow

Another home for private customers in Hyde Park, London, which consolidates downplayed style with useful and adaptable spaces for genuine family utilization, set inside of a work of art, white stucco Victorian townhouse. SHH’s customer – a worldwide family with a suite of homes – acquired the four-story property and designated SHH both as inside modeler and architect/decorator to re-arrange and overhaul the inside to fit their particular needs and needs.


The general brief was non-prescriptive as far as point of interest, however was more about feel, asking for a work of art and complex arrangement of spaces in quieted dim tones. As the customer didn’t care for drapes, divider covers or unique completes, the insides group needed to search for approaches to add allure to the asked for cool, quiet and great methodology, so that the space likewise had assortment, show and an arousing abundance.

Hyde-Park-Townhouse-02 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-03 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-04-1 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-04-2 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-04-3 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-04 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-05 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-06 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-07 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-08 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-09-1 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-09 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-10 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-11-1 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-11 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-13-1 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-13-2 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-13 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-14 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-15 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-16 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-20 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-21 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-22 Hyde-Park-Townhouse-23

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