C&C House by ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura

C&C House by ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura

Architects: ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura
Location: Andalusia, Spain
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: ariasrecalde taller de arquitectura

C&C are a youthful couple, living in leased convenience and longing for owning their own particular home. The current monetary circumstance and absence of credit backing made their fantasy get to be unthinkable in light of the fact that they can not bear to purchase a home or a plot of area at the present business sector costs.


Times of emergency = opportunity time. The folks of C have for a considerable length of time a second home which they utilized as a part of weekends and halfway in the mid year, based in an area on the edges of Granada, fits the needs that C and C require for their home, offering them their second house as a beginning stage.


C and C need a roomy house, loads of light, vitality proficiency and capitalizing on the spectacular perspectives that the plot has. We propose a rebuilding and extension of the current lodging, revamping its offices and its fenced in area and skin, finishing a system that permits lodging suit C and C and the stays of C’s guardians.


C outsources the parts that require particular mediation (devastation, structure and offices and gathers a modest bunch of companions to offer them some assistance with collaborating on weekends in return for grills and great times .


C does not surrender and continues requesting costs to get the best offers, leasing apparatus and helper hardware and social occasion a gathering of companions to recharge the house’s skin.


The point was to assemble an all around protected house to devour less vitality, utilizing fantastic vitality materials on it and enhancing the confinement to decrease warm looses.


– The glass windows are twofold coated with argon chamber including more protection limit air chamber .
– The craftsmen are top notch aluminum with warm break .
– Isolation of the veneers is rock fleece 80 mm thick and waterproof film .


Other than separation exists an air chamber 2 cm under the external layer of wood – bond board, which upgrades the disconnection of the veneer.


On account of the coherence of the protecting fenced in area maintains a strategic distance from any sort of warm scaffolds between the intersections of sections and shafts to the external shell. By expanding protection and evade warm scaffolds is accomplished structurally exceptionally all around protected with low warm transmittance of 0.31 W/m2 K.

C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-09 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-10 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-11 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-12 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-13 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-14 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-15 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-16 C&C-House-by-ariasrecalde-taller-de-arquitectura-17

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