Penthouse V by Destilat

Penthouse V by Destilat

Architects: Destilat
Location: Kärnten, Austria
Year: 2015
Area: 2,691 sqft / 250 sqm
Photo courtesy: Destilat

Over the span of the revitalisation of the previous Werzer silver screen in Pörtschach, which was planned by the understood “Wörthersee-Architect” Franz Baumgartner in 1930, sections of the rooftop truss were raised to make space for an open penthouse.


This 250m2 loft has turned into the occasion home of a German business group of seven. Splendid floors, comfortable dim tones, and luxurious white surface regions are the sound establishment of this current condo’s quiet, amicable air.


The focal point of the flat is an open family room with the alleged “cover kitchen”, which was additionally outlined by destilat. The fronts of this kitchen are outfitted with eternit boards. Its drawers have somewhat inclined points. This crisp outline component turns into an appreciated counterpoint to the casual air of the loft. A lighting circle floats over this main issue of the living range and further highlights its air impact.


The kids’ agreeable rooms, a visitor room and a main room with an en-suite washroom are gathered around a roomy, focal front room.


One of this present venture’s focal difficulties was to highlight the enormous and up to six meters high principle room completely while making a comfortable and agreeable air in the meantime.


Be that as it may, much exertion was likewise placed in the determination of different materials and furniture components to guarantee their down to earth and easy to use properties meet the day by day prerequisites of a major family – they must be child amicable and in this manner as tough as could be expected under the circumstances.


The outline idea is propelled by structures, compositions, and the elements of roofscapes. It additionally pays tribute to a particular element of Austrian post-war structural incorporating so as to engineer processed eternit façade boards as furniture fronts a long ways past the focal kitchen area.

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